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0007147ardourbugspublic2016-11-28 03:11
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Summary0007147: Record enable track, freeze the track = you cant disable record. Unfreeze = you cant record audio without toggling record.
DescriptionArdour 5.4.99
"In a Land of Clear Colours"
(rev 5.4-461-gd26aac9)
Intel 64-bit
Steps To ReproduceThe attached video shows the following steps:

* Create a track.
* Record or import some audio to the track.
* Enable record for the track.
* Freeze the track.
* Try disable record (it should be enabled). Not possible to disable.
* Enabling gloabal record and trying to record at this point does not record any audio on the track. This is good behaviour in my opinion but not sure if intentional.
* Unfreeze the track. (record should still be enabled on the track).
* Enable global record.
* Start transport to record and notice no audio is recorded onto the track.
* Disable and re-enable record for the track and start transport - audio will be recorded to the track as expected.
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2016-11-26 23:53



2016-11-28 03:11

developer   ~0019074

I can confirm this issue with build 5.4.470

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