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Summary0007122: a-Reverb is a bit too basic.
DescriptionBoth the sound quality and the flexibility could be better, imho.

ZynReverb is RT-safe, low on resources, sounds great, and is flexible.
It has a few knobs for unused parameters, so the UI could be simplified.
It's only downside is a small interrupt in the sound as you tweak.

An alternative is GxZita-rev1-Stereo, but I haven't been able to make it sound good for short reverbs.
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2016-11-17 20:03

reporter   ~0018983

Being a huge fan of ZynAddSubFX, I personally think that it's first reverb algorithm (based on Freeverb) sounds very metallic.
There are also Bandwidth algorithm which is very interesting, and Random algorithm, which is great for creating (again) metallic resonances of cymbals.
However the version of ZynReverb I have seen only seems to feature the Freeverb mode.

I actually really like the sound of a-Reverb.
However I can agree that is has very basic controls.

I mostly use MVerb since a few months becasue of the great smooth sound and stability. Zita-rev sounds great, but I had big problems with it in the past using LADSPA version in LMMS caused severe audio carnage several times - it might have been an LMMS specific problem, but still it repelled me from Zita-rev.


2016-11-19 21:40

reporter   ~0018994

ZynReverb sounds good on some settings, but it appears to have no way of adjusting dry/wet mix. Without being able to set it to 100% wet it isn't much use on a reverb bus, for example.


2016-11-20 10:53

reporter   ~0019004

when I wrote the above, I hadn't used ZynReverb much, and had not yet discovered the lack of dry/wet.
I agree that makes it a non-option.


2016-11-20 14:59

reporter   ~0019009

If you like the sound of Freeverb (on which ZynReverb is based IIRC) it's available as a LADSPA plugin in the cmt package. It has fewer controls but does have separate dry and wet levels.

My own most-used reverbs recently have been TAL Reverb (from DISTRHO), g2reverb and mverb.

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