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0007112ardourfeaturespublic2016-12-14 20:13
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PlatformLinuxOSKXStudioOS Version14.04
Product Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0007112: "F" - key to fit/original vertically&horizontally zooming midi region.
DescriptionThe proposal is to make one key ("F") to fit a midi region vertically and horizontally (instead of "F"(vert.) and "Z"(hor.)). Also use the same ("F") key to size the region back (instead of "Shift+Z" twice).

The midi region must be mouse-cursor-navigated.
Additional InformationP.C.: If somebody could make this feature:
- it would be nice to see mouse-cursor-navigated regions frame-highlighted.
TagsMidi, notes, region, zoom



2016-12-10 15:57

reporter   ~0019138

I've made a faked video about this focus mode editing:


2016-12-13 03:23

developer   ~0019154

Last edited: 2016-12-13 03:24

I have been wanting this behaviour for some time also. I committed a couple of changes to master related to this feature that will be in in a nightly build >= 5.5.112

Rather than change the behaviour of Fit Selection (which I think would probably be better named Zoom to Selection (Vertical)), I changed Zoom to Selection to zoom on both axes.

So now the Z key will zoom both horizontally and vertically. To me 'Z' and Shift+'Z' to revert seemed more appropriate than using two separate keys and the behaviour of zooming on both axes for "Zoom to Selection" is consistant with the behaviour of some other DAW's.

I also added an Editor option to trigger Zoom to Selection when you double click on a Region. A double click is typically used to edit the object being clicked and for MIDI regions in particular where editing is done in place, zooming to the regions seems more useful than accessing the properties dialog.

Feedback welcome.


2016-12-14 20:13

reporter   ~0019158

@timbyr! Big thanks for your working! As a simple user - I'm very glad to receive new gifts from ardour developers!:)

"I changed Zoom to Selection to zoom on both axes" - super!
"now the Z key will zoom both horizontally and vertically" - this is even more optimized, than I proposed - nice and useful, thanks!

As I understood, these new features will be working in "G"-mouse-mode?

Let me ask you, what do you think about mouse-cursor-navigated region highlighting in "E"-mouse-mode? These thoughts comes to me during working with midi notes. If, for example, I want to "Zoom to Selection" (in current version of Ardour), I need:

(1) switch to "G"-mouse-mode;
(2) select necessary region;
(3) make "Zoom to Selection";
(4) switch to "E"-mouse-mode and edit midi notes;
(5) make back "Zoom to Selection"(Shift+Z)

(1) switch to "G"-mouse-mode;
(2) select next necessary region;
(3) make "Zoom to Selection";
(4) switch to "E"-mouse-mode and edit midi notes;
(5) make back "Zoom to Selection"(Shift+Z)


If "Zoom to Selection"-feature could work with "mouse-cursor-navigated regions frame-highlighted" - this could strike off (1) action from every time we want to edit the next midi region. Also instead of (2) "select next necessary region" - it would be enough to navigate the necessary region. So, we could make "Zoom to Selection" in "E"-mouse-mode only.

Think it's complicated wish for development, but these are just my thoughts;)

The first version of the faked video "mouse-cursor-navigated regions frame-highlighted" I had made here (the link was in Additional Information for this report):


Thank you! :)

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