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0007085ardourbugspublic2016-10-31 09:51
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Product Version5.4 
Summary0007085: Sound glitchout when using Alt+6 or Alt+7 while playing
DescriptionNo matter what region is played back currently, if you Alt+6 / Alt+7 (region gain +1/-1 dB) on any region in the session, while the transport is rolling - there's an audible pause and click in the sound.

Can this be Smoothed out?

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a session with anything to make sounds.
2. Start playback
3. Select any audio region and change it's gain with Alt+6 or Alt+7 hotkeys
4. Hear the playback stutter.
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2016-10-31 09:51

developer   ~0018887

I can confirm this issue with 5.4 and nightly version 5.4.226

I not sure if this function was really intended to be used during playback but I can see how it might be useful to find an appropriate level.

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