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0007080bugs2020-04-19 20:18
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PlatformGNU/LInux PC AMD64OSLinux MintOS Version18 MATE
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Summary0007080: Master bus is shifted one place down after reloading a session
DescriptionSometimes when I open a project I was working of for a longer period of time (2 weeks+) the Master bus is not the first one on the top, but what was previously under the Master bus, has jumped above it. Now Master bus is second in the tracklist.

I shift it back into place and this usually happens again the next or some other time I load this project after saving my changes.
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2016-10-29 16:40

reporter   ~0018871

I see the same effect, also Ardour 5.4.0. Xubuntu 16.04LTS (32 bit). Occurrence appears random to me.


2016-10-29 20:24

reporter   ~0018874

Hmm, this happens if the first added track is audio, but not midi? when the first track is a midi track, it's order is 1. if the first track is audio it's order is 0. (looking in the saved session file)


2016-10-30 09:46

developer   ~0018875

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I can reproduce this with a 5.4.226 nightly build.

One way to consistantly cause this is to:

1. Create a new Session
2. Create a new Track
3. Deselect new Track
3. Create another new Track
4. Save and Quit.
5. Restart Ardour and reload Session

The master track will now be below the First track in the Editor. In the Session file the First Track and the Master both have order=0 in PresentationInfo node.


2016-10-30 10:06

developer   ~0018877

I don't think this is related to MIDI tracks though as I can reproduce in a Session with just two Audio tracks.


2016-10-30 13:50

reporter   ~0018880

This should be fixed with commit 997b48baf72c87281ae4dc535c9b3994810d8e72


2016-10-31 12:18

developer   ~0018890

I can still reproduce this with nightly build 5.4.252 which is built from commit 77c91067

I'll edit the steps to reproduce as I realize there was a step missing.


2016-11-04 15:44

reporter   ~0018906

Spent much more time playing with it this time. Commit 1457050d7aa2f5e0bee1957ff3710f58c04a2c62 really should fix this. Please test it to death in case my testing has somehow missed some scenario.


2016-11-07 16:18

reporter   ~0018918

Found and fixed yet another scenario... commit 932cc4d347f988b1bc712749ff9ba1684d165bc7
Any testing would be great.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023665

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