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0006974ardourbugspublic2016-08-20 23:51
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OSDebianOS VersionJessie 
Product Version5.0 
Summary0006974: metronome sounds erratic when using it and playing with the varyspeed over 180%
DescriptionWhen using the varyspeed *and* the metronome is activated, here are the different cases :

1) no metronome when playing backward - fine
2) metronome's fine between 100% and 0000129:0000180% speed - fine
3) sounds he's getting distorded between 80% to 0%
3) when >0000129:0000180%, the sound is fine but the rhythm is becoming erratic

Steps To Reproduce1. open a new session
2. activate the metronome
3. play with the varyspeed
Additional Information(screencast attached) says it is expected to work.



2016-08-20 23:46


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