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0000129ardourbugspublic2004-01-26 01:43
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Summary0000129: critical : midi pool out of memory - recompile with larger size
DescriptionAfter a few minute playing a project i get this message.
Since it didn't show up with the previous versions of ardour i tend to think it is a bug ?. Well, unless that the default value in question has to be tweaked at the configure stage ? It seems weird to me... :)

It is with ardour_0.9b8
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2003-11-17 16:10

reporter   ~0000179

i experience the same behaviour with the beta versions of ardour.. it usually takes 2 or 3 minutes. sometimes it doesn't show up at all though i think..


2003-11-17 21:32

reporter   ~0000180

Ok, it happens when some tracks end and whith some plugins. If the plugins are bypassed it won't occur. I can see the cpu skyrocketing just before the message appears. So far it seems that the state variable filter of Steve Harris is concerned.. probably there are other ones :(

Another note: I reinstalled some previous version of ardour (beta3 and beta6) and they showed the same behavior, so it is not just the current release as i said first.


2003-11-26 09:06

reporter   ~0000204

I experienced this without any plugins, with beta3,5,6 and cvs. I once felt like I could reproduce it, but unfortunately didn't look into it after all. If I recall correctly, it happened when zoom was out (whole project visible) and playing and when scrolling the tracks up and down with the scrollbar on the right.

Try running it under gdb and read the gdb reporting instructions from the faq, section 1.8


2004-01-26 01:43

reporter   ~0000360

Well, it doesn't happen to me anymore since it was caused by normalized mode with some plugins.. And i use ardour a lot ! So i guess other people concerned with this even without using plugins were having a CPU usage problem too, caused by another problem or bug that should be reported properly.

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