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0006969ardourbugspublic2016-09-08 01:38
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu MATEOS Version15.10
Summary0006969: ALSA: Disconnect From Audio Engine (Ardour 5)
DescriptionWas just playing my track in a loop and all of a sudden it disconnected from the audio engine. Using ALSA, not Jack.

Got these errors:

[ERROR]: AlsaAudioBackend: I/O error. Audio Process Terminated.
[ERROR]: the Ardour audio engine is not connected and state saving would lose all I/O connections. Session not saved
Steps To ReproduceLoop your track over and over
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2016-08-19 14:12

administrator   ~0018424

This is likely caused by a problem with the device driver for your audio interface.

What sort of device are you using?


2016-08-20 15:59

reporter   ~0018450

Hi, thanks for the reply.

My use of Ardour has always been a bit different. It's just now in version 3 that it has become more usable for my situation. I'm not recording anything but MIDI and only make instrumentals so now recording of voice, either. So I'm just using my built in soundcard, no audio interface. And ALSA mode.

My computer is an Aspire V 15, V3-572G-5435


2016-09-07 19:47

administrator   ~0018565

"your interface" == "builtin soundcard"

and there's probably an issue with the device driver for it in your version of Linux.


2016-09-08 01:38

reporter   ~0018569

I see. Thanks Paul. Since I've upgraded to the latest version it seems to have stopped for the most part. Great work on this software. It's indispensable.

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