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0006948ardourfeaturespublic2016-11-29 14:29
Reporterunius Assigned Topaul  
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Summary0006948: Polyphonic Aftertouch
DescriptionThis type of events not recorded and not read from external files
Steps To ReproduceRecord session with this events from Roli Seaboard RISE and Roland HandSonic HPD-20. Import MIDI files from the same session in Qtractor
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2016-08-17 23:06

administrator   ~0018396

Can you please send a MIDI trace from some appropriate tool showing these messages arriving?


2016-08-18 08:05


MIDITracer.png (43,452 bytes)   
MIDITracer.png (43,452 bytes)   


2016-08-18 08:05


GMIDImonitor.png (136,786 bytes)   
GMIDImonitor.png (136,786 bytes)   


2016-08-18 08:05



2016-08-18 08:06



2016-08-18 08:09

reporter   ~0018402

I am upload 2 screenshot of midi events directly from Roli Seaboard. And 2 midi files recorded in Ardour 5.0.0 and Qtractor


2016-08-18 12:10

administrator   ~0018403

Could you please download a debug version of Ardour (or build it yourself - debug is the default), and then run it from a Terminal window with the -D midiio and see if ardour shows debug output for the aftertouch messages?

I see nothing in the code that deliberately ignores or dumps these messages, although I also see that we have no way to represent or edit them in the GUI.


2016-08-18 12:23

administrator   ~0018404

Ah, found it.

This won't be a trivial thing to fix. The basic model inside Ardour for MIDI doesn't include any representation of aftertouch (polypressure). This dates back to the original google summer of code project that added MIDI in the first place.


2016-08-18 15:09

administrator   ~0018405

but not that hard ....

started work on adding this already. can't promise when it will be done. mostly copy-and-paste coding. There is some worrying overhead, given that there is the potential for 127*16 additional automation parameters per MIDI track.


2016-08-18 15:35

reporter   ~0018408

it's very cool :))
Maybe even watch MIDI/MPE ( ?
As I understand it that's fine will fall on this new solution.
And overhead will be more than justified :)


2016-08-18 16:10

administrator   ~0018409

I know all about MPE. I've played the Continuum and the Linnstrument.


2016-11-29 01:19

developer   ~0019087

There was a recent commit to master(2f30d763) that means that Polyphonic Key Pressure events should now be correctly loaded, recorded and saved.

These fixes are now included in the nightly builds( and the soon to be released version 5.5

If you can please test and leave feedback, thanks.


2016-11-29 10:37

administrator   ~0019089

NB. They still won't show up in the GUI (List Editor or automation lane etc.


2016-11-29 10:43

administrator   ~0019090

unius - please provide as much insight/ideas as you can on how you might want to edit poly-pressure data. Presenting it as 16x128 "tracks" of data doesn't really seem ideal to me, but I don't have any alternative ideas right now.


2016-11-29 13:43

reporter   ~0019092

It seems to work :)
only: poly pressure events on some channel also shows on channel pressure meter of the same channel


2016-11-29 13:49


channel-pressure-meter.png (6,619 bytes)   
channel-pressure-meter.png (6,619 bytes)   


2016-11-29 14:26

reporter   ~0019093

Last edited: 2016-11-29 14:29

About UI, may be:
Show by channels like rest of the automation.
Each channel shows the outline of all notes of this channel.
To edit a specific note's events select appropriate note in scroomer or note itself.

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