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PlatformLinuxOSXubuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version4.7 
Summary0006940: Punch in results in MIDI-notes not being played
DescriptionWhen recording a track using a punch range, if the punch-in marker coincides with a midi-note (in any other track), that note will be skipped. That is slightly annoying, as for instance in a drum track this will often be the first beat and it will screw up the timing of the artist during playing.
Steps To Reproduce* New project
* Create midi-track with (for instance) 4 bars each producing a note on every beat
* Create an audio-track and arm for recording
* Set punch range over the second bar
* Arm record
* Record

The first note of the second bar will not be played
Additional InformationI suspect strongly that this issue is related to bugs 0004981 and 0006728, as it seems that the punch-event prevents certain other events from happening.

PS: this is my first ever report-filing for Ardour, if you need anything else or additional information please let me know.
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As per las' request on the IRC channel I rechecked this bug with the nightly build, and it persists. I attached a project folder illustrating the problem. Several of the notes are not being played when the punch-markers coincide with a MIDI-event. As far as I understand MIDI-events I would think that for some reason the note-end is not passed somewhere, causing the next note to be missed.

Edit: Issue 6939 might also be related, both deal with note-ends not getting through when a marker coincides.

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