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0006916features2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0006916: Plugin manager rearrangement idea to make better use of space
DescriptionIt would be nice if the plugin list was taller so you could see more plugins at a time. This could be easily achieved by moving the 'plugins to be connected' section to the side. The full width of the 'plugins to be connected' section is never used. Moving it to the side would also have the nice side effect of making it taller, which is more important than it being wide.

This would allow for the plugin list to be significantly taller, without making the window too much bigger. See attached mockup.
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2016-07-04 17:41


plugin_manager.png (111,531 bytes)
plugin_manager.png (111,531 bytes)


2016-07-06 22:26

administrator   ~0018279

It is always a huge pleasure to read your suggestions, and sometimes even better to implement them. One day we're going to do a release consisting of nothing but your ideas!

it wasn't possible to get quite as much vertical space as in your suggestion, but d7caa89 implements most of this idea.


2016-07-06 23:10

reporter   ~0018285

Paul, you mentioned implementing some of my suggestions before. It's great to hear that some of them are still on the cards. I understand yours/ardours priorities so it's nice to hear that you still remember them :)

The image was just a mockup but you got it damn close, considering toolkit restraints. I think it makes much better use of the space. I always felt there was wasted space in the plugin manager but it only clicked with me the other day of a better way to lay it out. Thank you very much for implementing :)


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023625

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