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0006915bugs2016-07-06 22:10
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PlatformGnu/LinuxOSKx studio 12.04OS VersionKx studio 12.04
Product Version5.0-pre 
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Summary0006915: Issue with LMB menu in editor using dual screen.
DescriptionIn my configuration I can't see LMB menu in editor If it is near the right border of the window.
See screen shot.

Rem: I don't remember this issue with Ardiour3 (and same screen conf).
Steps To Reproducecf attached screen shot of arandr configuration.
Need to have a larger screen than the window it self.
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2016-07-02 14:12


dual screen issue.png (151,076 bytes)
dual screen issue.png (151,076 bytes)


2016-07-02 14:13



2016-07-06 22:10

administrator   ~0018278

This isn't something we can fix. X11/GDK provides GTK with screen geometry, and has led GTK to believe that the menu can be displayed in the way it is currently doing. The decision is not made by Ardour nor is it possible for Ardour to influence it.

This is unlikely to be fixed in GTK+2, which is in maintainance mode only, even if it has been fixed in GTK+3. We will remain with GTK+2 for the foreseeable future.

This does not happen with a more "conventional" dual screen setup.

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