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0000069ardourfeaturespublic2006-11-06 21:23
Reporterkroeger1 Assigned Totaybin  
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Summary0000069: imported file should be inserted at mouse click
Descriptionimported files (from "insert external sndfile") are always inserted at the begining of the track. Would be nice to have them inserted at the point where the mouse was clicked.
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2003-10-22 14:58

administrator   ~0000052

The soundfile is inserted at the edit-marker. That defaults to the beginning of the track. You can drag the edit-marker to someplace else.

You can also drag the region from the list to where you want to insert it.


2003-10-22 16:36

reporter   ~0000055

You're right. Probably the best way is to import the audio to the regions list and drag it to the track (and forget about "insert external sndfile").

However I think it would be a nice feature to add to "insert external sndfile" if soundfiles were interted at mouse click. IMHO it'is more practical and easy than moving the edit-marker around. Anyway, it's probably a post 1.0 feature I guess.


2003-10-30 23:25

reporter   ~0000133

"You can also drag the region from the list to where you want to insert it"

BTW, am I missing something or the region can only be dragged on the first "page", i.e., if I scrow let say to bar 100 it just doesn't work


2003-11-07 20:36

reporter   ~0000148

you can also use a middle click on the time bar to position the edit marker.


2003-11-12 01:28

reporter   ~0000163

Should also apply to copy/cut and paste operations.


2003-12-16 17:04

administrator   ~0000312

Files are inserted at mouse click.

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