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0006899bugs2016-06-20 17:10
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PlatformlinuxOSlinux debian jessieOS Version8.5
Product Version4.7 
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Summary0006899: copy-paste in MIDI CC track automation causes ardour crash
Descriptionhi everybody,
I've found this bug: when I try to copy some automation points from a MIDI CC automation track and paste in a different MIDI CC automation track (both using ctrl+c/ctrl+v and context menu commands) ardour crashes suddently.
I've already brief rgareus on irc, he successfully reproduced this bug.
I also tried with v5.0-pre286, same crash.

Additional Information5.0-pre286
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2016-06-20 17:10

reporter   ~0018255

Hi. Proposed fix is in pull request 0000224

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