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0006888bugs2016-06-05 21:17
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Summary0006888: Regions dissapear, tracks get oddly linked, after consolidation and/or clean up unused soundfiles.
Descriptionthis is a very nasty bug. It happend to me on ALL Ardour and Mixbus versions I've ever tried, starting by Ardour2. Regions get lost after reopening a project. This occurs, especially if I did the following:

- recording/deleting hundreds of files
- renaming tracks
- split up regions, move them around, consolidation, consolidation of consolidated tracks, over and over.
- using the "clean up unused sound-file-option"

the bigger the project, the more often the bug appears. In, say, 1 of 5 cases, speaking of big projects, after reopening it (after having done the steps I described above), something goes terribly wrong: Regions are missing, or regions get replaced by others, so that I end up with two similar regions on two different tracks. If I want to select the "wrong" one, in order to delete it, both regions get selected. I have to delete both the tracks, search for the missing soundfiles, and import them again. This is huge to me. I work around it, but it's a pain. By "hundreds of fils" I really mean hundreds. I compose and record in the same time. I only use a fraction of what I record. It must have something to do with the "load" of unused soundfiles and/or the consolidation of soundfiles. Or, maybe it's the renaming of tracks, that makes the bug appear, can't say. I don't always rename tracks, but sometimes. Has everyone had this problem too?
Steps To ReproduceOpen a new session. Record tons of regions on different tracks. Split them up, copy+paste. Record some more. Delete, record, delete, record, move, drag to different tracks. Splite them up again, do some consolidation of regions, copy+paste them around the project, rename some of the tracks, make some consoldations of multiple consolidated regions and so on - what I'm trying to say: just make a big session (like a song), with hundreds of deleted regions. In the end, again, consolidate every single tracks from start to end, in order to have a clean project. Do "Clean up unused sound-files". Save your session and close it. Reopen it.
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2016-06-05 21:12

administrator   ~0018233

Are you using snapshots as well?


2016-06-05 21:17

reporter   ~0018234

no, I don't. I've never used snapshots at all, actually.

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