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0006870bugs2020-04-19 20:18
ReporteroswaldmAssigned Topaul 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIntel x86 64OSUbuntu StudioOS Version14.04 LTS
Product Version4.7 
Fixed in Version 
Summary0006870: Moving regions creates large numbers of regions
DescriptionGrabbing a region and dragging it around (only moving) creates a lot of regions, like if the regions are used as a paintbrush.

Since a large number of new regions is created, this makes Ardour practically unusable to do edits on regions.

Ardour 4.7.935
"Cluster and Eno"
(rev 4.7-951-ge48da9d)
Intel 64-bit

But I have also observed this on previous versions.

See attached video as a demonstration.

Steps To Reproduce - Switch with "G" to grab mode (or smart mode)
 - Drag-Move a region

Region is used as a paintbrush.
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2016-05-04 14:04


ArdourError.mp4 (998,891 bytes)


2016-05-05 13:24

administrator   ~0018172

You'll need to provide a more precise recipe, starting from an empty, new session.

I have never observed this behaviour.


2016-05-05 15:57

reporter   ~0018175

Hi Paul,

I played around with it and it is quite easy to reproduce in my system:

- Empty session
- Add Audio track
- Record something (in my case guitar->Line6 Helix SPDIF -> Saffire Pro -> Ardour) with punch range
- Switch to "No Grid" (either menu or shortcut)
- Go into Grab mode with "G"
- Move region

So it seems to be linked to the No Grid option.


2016-05-05 15:59


Ardour_Region_Error.png (201,575 bytes)
Ardour_Region_Error.png (201,575 bytes)


2016-05-05 16:00

reporter   ~0018176

I also attached screenshot with the second track showing this behaviour. The screenshot shows the stacked mode, which shows quite a bit of layers after moving the region.


2016-05-05 16:02

reporter   ~0018177

Also in the terminal I get a lot of messages like this:

a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
b - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049
b - start after end: 22050, 22049
a - start after end: 22050, 22049


2016-05-09 15:39

updater   ~0018185

I saw this happen once (with yesterday's git master HEAD): I don't recall what led up to it happening, and I was recording a band at the time, so I wasn't able to investigate any further, but I can add the observation that quitting and re-starting Ardour made the problem go away, and it didn't then recur.

As for the "start after end" messages, mea culpa, but probably a red herring: that's some debugging output I put in a while back that I'm fairly sure isn't related to this issue. I should probably just remove it.


2016-05-16 00:30

reporter   ~0018196

It happened to me several times. I wasn't able to track steps that lead to this problem though.

Undoing, it removes all the unwanted new regions from track, but not from region list. Closing session and repoening it, fixes the problem.

Version 4.7 Ubuntustudio 14.04


2016-08-18 15:17

reporter   ~0018406

I have the same here with the official A5.05 package.
Undoing the results with opening the Edit-Menu shows a nessage like: Undo brush.

So this brush mode is a intended thing?


2016-08-18 15:24

reporter   ~0018407

There are some references of a brush mode in Ardours sources also:

ardour5/gtk2_ardour/; (gtk_accel_path "<Actions>/Editor/brush-at-mouse" "F3")

ardour5/gtk2_ardour/ _editor->begin_reversible_command (Operations::drag_region_brush);

ardour5/gtk2_ardour/ (RegionView* rv, framepos_t pos)

and more...

so this brush mode is intended. But how do I disable it or switch back to normal?

And it should never ever be activated automatically...


2016-08-18 16:13

administrator   ~0018410

in the current version of ardour, it happens only when dragging with the "b" key pressed.


2016-08-18 20:11

reporter   ~0018413

OK, I cannot remember to have b pressed, anyway, once that mode is activated is there a way to return to normal?


2016-08-18 20:55

administrator   ~0018414

it isn't a mode. Its a special kind of drag. It is over when the drag is over.


2016-08-18 22:04

reporter   ~0018415

That would be nice, but actually it is *not* over, it seems to turn into a mode.
Once I press B while dragging, the next drag is brushing too, *whithout* pressing b again. And it stays that way until I close/open Ardour...


2016-08-19 12:34

administrator   ~0018419

Fixed in git.

As a workaround, if you move the mouse out of the editor window and back, that will also clear the incorrect "b-is-down" state.

Sorry for the error.


2016-08-19 13:09

reporter   ~0018421

Compiled new from git: the problem is gone.

BTW: if one is prepared this brush mode is a remarkable feature! Can be much nicer than using duplication for making loops ;-)

Unfortunately the workaround does not work for me in Ardour 5.05... no matter, where I put or move the mouse: the false b-down does not seem to go away...


2016-08-25 02:02

administrator   ~0018478

see notes. key release event did not clear Gtkmm2ext::Keyboard state.


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023615

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