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0006869bugs2016-05-05 14:07
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PlatformFedora 21OSLinuxOS Version4.0.5
Product Version4.7 
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Summary0006869: MIDI synth automation cancelled after pause
DescriptionWhen playback is paused and restarted the output level of the softsynth (u-he ACE here) is reset to zero. The track includes fader automation. Only restarting the track at its beginning restores the automation and brings its level back.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a MIDI track. Add a synth to the track and write an automation curve. Start playback, then pause after a few seconds. Restart playback. The automation is ignored and the output level is zero.
Additional InformationTested with u-he's ACE native Linux VSTi and with amSynth LV2, same behavior with both synths.
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2016-05-05 13:21

administrator   ~0018171

are you inside or outside the automation data when pausing+restarting?


2016-05-05 14:07

reporter   ~0018173

The cursor can be inside or outside the automation data. I tested by using the mouse to control the transport and with the keyboard spacebar, got no joy. Is that what you wanted to know ?

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