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Summary0006862: Subtracks instead of stacked layers
DescriptionI know it would probably be not easy to implement, but what about aborting the concept of "stacked" and "overlaid" layers in favour of sub-tracks? The sub-track thing would be a great asset for multi-take recording. Of course, currently I can use the track group feature for something similar but every full-scaled track produces a CPU overhead which is completely unneeded in this case.

The main downsides of the stacked layers concept:

1. Complex rearranging of many regions between layers sometimes produces a mess, because every single overlap expands the track area vertically.

2. No way to create automatic micro-overlaps between adjacent regions instead of micro-gaps. The micro-overlaps would be the default fades overlapped, instead of following each other, as of now. The micro-overlaps would greatly help in re-arranging flute recordings and other similar instruments, where the gaps produced by a fade-out followed by a fade-in are very easily heard, no matter how short it is.

This is how the sub-tracks would work:

1. If the sub-track feature is tuned on, a new sub-track would be created every time you start a new recording; in other words, every new take is placed in a new sub-track.

2. The "Choose top" feature remains, but now it rearranges the sub-tracks.

3. If the corresponding feature is selected in the preferences, cutting regions would produce a micro-overlap between them. Putting regions together with the snap to region option on would also produce a micro-overlap between them by slightly shifting the region being moved towards the region it is being glued to.

4. When there are no regions left in a sub-track it is automatically removed.

5. When you start dragging a region from the top sub-track upwards a new sub-track is temporarily created when the cursor is near the split between tracks. Dragging it back down without releasing a mouse button removes the temporary sub-track. Releasing a mouse button makes the sub-track permanent and places a region being dragged into it.
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2016-04-20 08:42

reporter   ~0018154

"When you start dragging a region from the top sub-track upwards" - from every sub-track would be much better, of course. )))

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