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Summary0006838: Tutorials
DescriptionI am looking for tutorials on how to basically rewrite ardour. It will help with developmet and people will submit patches too.

I am writing a few custom operating systems and will be greatful if you decide to post tutorials.

YOu could also write them in assembly really and write an online version of ardour and include some software like JAMin mastering software within ardour. creati

get creative and detail ed with the tutorials because then everyone can submit patches.

YOu could also write some synthesizers and drum synthesizers under Ardour if you really want to and just post tutorials on it.

you can even do guitar DSP and a tube amp simulator under Ardour and it might be fun. and the more tutorials the better because then people will be able to help develop ardour too.
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2016-03-26 20:01

reporter   ~0018079

I believe it's all there

Did you look here on the very bottom?

Ardour is mostly a Framework which allows digital processing units, such as plugins, to connect to it. If you are interested in programming plugins, you should visit the sites of various plugin developers. Mainly the lv2 and linux_vst standard are popular with ardour on linux, for everything else concerning plugin programming a internet search will help. Ardour devs are mostly occupied with maintaining the connectivity between plugins of different standards and ardour. They are basically building the nest for them, and are pretty occupied with that already.

If you have time and are interested in developing Ardour it would be best you dig into the links I directed you to above, see what is currently going on in development and go onto here to exchange yourself with the devs


2016-03-29 19:09

administrator   ~0018093

I'm not quite sure I understand the request.

"extend Ardour" (add synths, samplers, DSP,..) or really rewrite all of Ardour from scratch?

As for the former, as t0by already mentioned, the common way to use use plugins. is a good start. There are already various available. guitarix for example has tube-amps, cabinet emulation etc. And there are proper multi-band compressors (not the simple jamin DSP) and EQs and whatnot. drumgizmo, DrMr etc can be used for drums among many other less instrument specific samplers or synths.

Writing asm code - except for very specific *optional* optimizations - is not the way to go. Ardour runs on at least 16 different CPU architectures: and is portable to at least 4 different Operating systems (Linux, Windows, OSX, freeBSD) and their variants or derivatives.

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