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0006834bugs2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0006834: Text case mismatch (upper case / lower case) when reading key bindings
DescriptionDiscovered on Windows but probably affects all platforms...

The file "ardour.keys" contains various categories, such as:-

<Bindings name="global">
<Bindings name="editor">
<Bindings name="mixer">
<Bindings name="step-editing"> // <-- note this is hyphenated

Notice that the above are all in lower case text. However, when we search for them at various places in the code, our searches all seem to be capitalized - e.g.

Bindings::get_bindings(X_("Global"), global_actions)
Bindings::get_bindings(X_("Editor"), myactions)
Bindings::get_bindings(X_("Mixer"), myactions)
Bindings::get_bindings(X_("Step Editing"), myactions) // <-- note this one isn't hyphenated

So AFAICT the bindings aren't getting set up correctly from 'ardour.keys'
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2017-02-02 10:49

reporter   ~0019329

It seems like this got fixed at some point (not sure when exactly...)


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023607

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