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0006833bugs2020-04-19 20:17
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PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version8.1
Product Version4.7 
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Summary0006833: New keyboard bindings file not getting found
DescriptionI found this in Mixbus (Windows version) but it probably affects Ardour too - and all platforms...

Ever since the bindings file got changed to "ardour.keys" I see an error now after loading any session (error message = 'Global keybindings are missing')
Additional InformationThe bindings file is actually present on my system but there seems to be a problem at this line in ArdourKeyboard::find_bindings_file()

find_files_matching_pattern (found, spath, string_compose ("*.%1", Keyboard::binding_filename_suffix));

The filename suffix is ".keys" so we're in fact searching for "*..keys" (with 2 periods), rather than "*.keys" (with a single period). I'm not sure whether ".keys" needs to get changed or whether "*.%1" is the culprit. One of the periods needs to get removed though.
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2016-05-04 08:51

reporter   ~0018169

Any preferences on which option should get used to fix this?


2016-05-05 13:20

administrator   ~0018170

Seems odd that this could work on any platform if the bug is as you suspect, no?


2016-05-05 15:30

reporter   ~0018174

Yes it does seem odd - which is why I held back from pushing a fix. However, if I use "*%1" (rather than "*.%1") it does fix the problem. Maybe someone could try that on the other platforms and let us know if it then stops working or if it carries on working?


2016-05-07 16:27

reporter   ~0018181

I figured out why it appears to work... currently, 'ArdourKeyboard::setup_keybindings()' is the only place where we call 'ArdourKeyboard::find_bindings_files()'. And as things stand, that call will always fail. However, when it fails we then go on to build a user_keybindings_path. And if that fails (i.e. the user hasn't created any custom keybindings) we eventually reach this code:-

    if (keybindings_path.empty()) {
        keybindings_path = default_bindings;

This sets a keybindings file having the name "ardour.keys" (i.e. with a single period, instead of the double period that we were originally searching for). That file will usually get found.

Remember that this is currently the ONLY place where we call 'find_bindings_files()' and when it fails (which it always will) we then go on to look for a custom bindings file and (if that also fails) we eventually look for the correct filename with just a single period.

Or to put it another way... if 'find_bindings_files()' ever got called from anywhere else, it would always fail.


2016-05-08 13:32

reporter   ~0018183

I just pushed a fix to git master. I'm pretty confident that it'll restore the originally intended behaviour. Because of the above safeguards though, there shouldn't be any adverse affect on the current behaviour (hopefully on any platform).


2020-04-19 20:17

developer   ~0023606

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