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0006831bugs2016-03-23 00:03
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Product Version4.7 
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Summary0006831: Select all after playhead / Select all before playhead not working
DescriptionThe "select all after playhead" / "select all before playhead" is not working, neither via the menu (Edit, Select, Select all after playhead / Select all before playhead) nor via keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + E / Ctrl + Shift + E)

Apparenty this bug shows up from version 4.x
Steps To Reproduce1.) put the playhead between two more different regions
2.) press Ctrl + E or Ctrl + Shift + E (or menu edit -> select -> select all before playhead / select all after playhead)
Additional InformationI am using the german version so it is possible that the menu items are named differently.
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2016-03-23 00:03

reporter   ~0018077

Might this be related to bug 0006362 ? Different commands, but similar (non-)behavior.

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