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0006826ardourfeaturespublic2018-09-27 16:52
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Product Version4.7 
Summary0006826: keyboard shorcut to add to selection all grouped regions
DescriptionIt cames from the conflict of Ctrl click on a grouped region,
Ctrl is used to select only one region even if grouped, so when you add to selection another grouped region, it add only this region to selection and not the all the grouped regions.

I think that user who wants to group regions will most of the time want to edit all these regions grouped (if group is used for many microphones of a take). If it it's not the case , we can easily turn off the group to select one region only.

So, personnaly, i'd really prefer that Ctrl select grouped regions, another keyboard shorcut could be implement to select only one.
But something is to do whit it for sure. It forces to get all regions of a group in view and make a long drap. (imagine 20tracks in a drum!)
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2017-10-18 10:07

reporter   ~0020062

Last edited: 2017-10-18 10:09

I recome to you with this because I really think It's an important wrong behaviour of editor.

On screenshot, you can see what append if I click on one region of group (on the left), and then I ctrl+click on another(top right) to add it to selection.

Groups with 'selection' option are used (I think) for instruments with multiples microphones, and in general case, user always wants to edit all tracks together.
And user should'n't have to display all tracks of group, one would be enough if he could trust ardour editor.

Thats why I think that Ctrl (or Primary Key) SHOULD NOT select only one region is this case, but add to selection all concerned regions. The same appends with Shift.

To select only one region, it would be safer for user to need to disable group first.


2017-10-18 10:07


Screenshot_selectionregion.png (64,107 bytes)   
Screenshot_selectionregion.png (64,107 bytes)   


2017-10-18 10:17

reporter   ~0020063

I also saw that regions are not considered as grouped when Property 'File Start' isn't the same, even if position and length are the same.

It's a shame, it's not possible to just move data at the left of region (with Ctrl) to adjust little phase differences and get all regions still grouped.

But it's less strong.


2017-10-19 07:50

reporter   ~0020064

Have you looked at (see "Overlap Correspondence"): Ardour can consider regions corresponding even when they do not start at the same exact point in time.


2017-10-20 10:53

reporter   ~0020067

Thanks, Yes I know that, but it just resolves the last problem.
The main problem I said (with Ctrl or Maj) is still there anyway.


2018-09-27 16:52

updater   ~0020392

pull request from Houston4444 here:

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