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0000682ardourbugspublic2010-04-25 21:51
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Summary0000682: Selecting a range from marks selects more than desired
DescriptionI have been selecting ranges for export by marking the start and end, then selecting the range using Snap To: Marks. However, it always selects a range one mark beyond the one I tried to select.


Location Markers: V V V V
1. click here: |
2. drag to here: |
3. ardour shows: |---------|
4. release mouse,
   ardour now shows: |-------------|
Additional InformationArdour/GTK 0.530.0 running with libardour 0.828.0 (also others)
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2010-04-25 21:51

administrator   ~0007560

I believe this is resolved in newer versions of Ardour. Can you confirm?

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