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0006815bugs2020-04-19 20:17
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PlatformDebian 8.3OSLinuxOS Version3.16.0-4-amd64
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Summary0006815: Ardour 4.7 crash on export command with “Analyze Exported Audio”
DescriptionArdour 4.7 crash on export command with “Analyze Exported Audio”

I used 4 channels Master ouput (Ambisonics setup).
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2016-03-07 22:38

administrator   ~0018044

fixed in Ardour 4.7-306-g8ab60f3

Note that the post-export analysis is currently mono or stereo only.
Multi-channel exports are downmixed for spectral analysis and a single waveform displays the peak of all channels.


2020-04-19 20:17

developer   ~0023601

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