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0006808ardourfeaturespublic2016-09-09 03:05
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Summary0006808: Using Location window to navigate locations
DescriptionThis is a feature request. I would find it extremely useful to use the Locations window to navigate locations.

For example:

1. Open Locations window. Leave it open.
2. Scroll and find desired location, click on location or a button for that location. Click or button moves play head to that location.

This would save time scrolling back and forth when editing either MIDI or audio, as well as make for a more elegant marker-based navigation than scrolling through the session.
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2016-09-09 03:05

developer   ~0018575

The feature request you describe is already possible using the Locations window using the "Goto" button if you have "Follow Playhead" option enabled via the Transport menu.

Can you please confirm this is what you are requesting?

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