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0006804features2016-02-28 22:30
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PlatformLenovo X200OSManjaro LinuxOS Version3.18.26-1
Product Version4.6 
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Summary0006804: group active toggle switch missing in mixer
DescriptionWhen mixing it is very useful to activate and deactivate groups when balancing multiple signals. Now it is possible to do it only in "Tracks & Busses" tab in editor window, which is pretty non-intuitive.

It would be great to have another column next to "Group" and "Show" in mixer to do this quickly.

Thank you! :)
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2016-02-28 22:03



2016-02-28 22:30

administrator   ~0018024

"activate and deactivate" can be done by simply clicking on the group tab itself.

most grouped actions (solo, mute,..) can also be overridden by holding "Ctrl" while operating the control.

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