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Summary0006801: Multichannel Panning
Descriptionthe idea is to have vectors from each speaker to the sound source, whereby the vector length is related to the output volume.

optional one can check an lfe channel which sits outside the panning realm.

for stereo purposes, one would have a bar with two nodes for L and R at the ends, which one can lengthen and shorten to alter the width.

The master x channel bus, could have the vbap disabled by default, to keep the positioning clear.

If one wants to go with the vbap way of mixing, it makes sense that the channel panners have the focus on showing the virtual sound sources and not the speaker setup.
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MonoPanning.png (87,544 bytes)
MonoPanning.png (87,544 bytes)


2016-02-29 14:22

administrator   ~0018026

VPAB does not work that way.
It will at most reach 2 speakers (or three in case of a 3D setup with 10 targets).

You're really looking for a different Panning algorithm (your mockup looks like 5.1)


2016-02-29 19:54

reporter   ~0018027

what i was describing, was not intended to be related to vbap panning at all, but as you mentioned classic LCR, Quad, 5.0, 5.1, 7.1. etc. (The mockup was an rudimentary mono example for 5.1)

My thought was, that if its possible to distribute a signal bewteen 2 speakers by volume in Ardour, it must be fairly straight forward to distribute a signal between x speakers by volume. therefore i mentioned ,,vectors", to maybe measure the distance from the ,dot' in the field to each speaker and link it to the volume. (thoughts from a non-programmer)

in this case, yes, i am looking for an option to use a different panning algorithm.

to clarify the fourth point of my post above:
the vbap master-panner assumes a symmetrical setup, but the master-bus matrix seems to work for, eg. 5.1, when the symmetrical setup is bypassed.

to clarify the last point of the post above:

I referred the vbap panner as indicating virtual (symmetrical) sources, because they seem to be modelled of a 5.1 speaker system for instance, which is physically still in place. In this last sentence i assumed that it might come in more handy, if also the channel panners in Ardour which now look more like the 5.1 one i mockupped - as far as the sound outputs go - , would abide more to the symmetrical layout, if one goes with the vabp style of mixing, and not for example 5.1.

By this I had a better separation of a proposed ,,classical" multichannel routing from the vbap in mind.

(- At least the visual blurr of panning concepts is actually where my confusion startet. I wanted to do a 5.1 out of the blue. The channel panners looked like 5.1 and I added a ,6 Channel Bus' as master and thought I'm ready to go.)


2016-02-29 19:56

reporter   ~0018028

sorry, i meant ,,modelled over a 5.1 speaker system"


2016-03-01 08:58

administrator   ~0018031

The good news is: Panners in Ardour are plugins (at least the DSP, not the GUI) [1]. It's relatively straight forward to add new panners and have them as option in the Mixer.

Also, Ardour already always uses 5 parameters for all panners: Azimuth, Width, Elevation, FrontBack, LFE (panner plugins may choose to ignore irrelevant ones).

However, implementing 5.1 (or similar) DSP is not straight forward, especially with automatable parameters.


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