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0006787bugs2016-07-07 12:24
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Summary0006787: Opening session with ver. >4.2 yields strange behaviour when using bcf2000, generic midi and midi binding map
DescriptionI'm using my bcf2000 with a modified midi map (from the bcf2000 factory preset 2 map) I have customized the preset 1 in my bcf to use with this map. This worked flawlessly until I installed 4.4. after opening the sessions, the reactions are "sluggish" meaning, for example, i have to move one fader up and down before it moves in the program, and still after this it is not very responsive. This is being resolved when i go into pref>control surfaces and doubleclick the gm settings. I've also noticed the motorized box is not ticked so not persistent over sessions. Coinciding with this there are some other rarities ie. the playhead won't go back to the start when locate signal is sent. Also, in ver. 4.7 the mute and solo buttons doesnt work properly with my set up (have to push them two times for off setting, and the bank switching only works "one way", from bank 1>2>3 and so on, but not back again.(only 4.7)
Steps To ReproduceOpen a session in either ver. 4.4, 4.6 and 4.7 where obviously the settings I have previously mentioned is saved. also occurs in sessions made and saved with the versions affected.
Additional Informationreverting to 4.2, everything works as expected.
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2016-07-03 20:09

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2016-07-06 22:27

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Some things were changed with the way that buttons work to support a wider range of devices. The comment from the code is this:

            /* toggle control: make the toggle flip only if the
             * incoming control value exceeds 0.5 (0x40), so that
             * the typical button which sends "CC N=0x7f" on press
             * and "CC N=0x0" on release can be used to drive
             * toggles on press.
             * No other arrangement really makes sense for a toggle
             * controllable. Acting on the press+release makes the
             * action momentary, which is almost never
             * desirable. If the physical button only sends a
             * message on press (or release), then it will be
             * expected to send a controller value >= 0.5
             * (0x40). It is hard to imagine why anyone would make
             * a MIDI controller button that sent 0x0 when pressed.


2016-07-07 12:24

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ok, message received. thanks!


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