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0006770ardourbugspublic2016-12-06 07:10
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSOS X (Generic)OS Version10.4 or above
Product Version5.5 
Summary0006770: Start and End Markers are moving unexpectedly
DescriptionThe "start" and "end" markers are moving without user input.

2 ways I've found to reproduce. There are probably more:

1) Manually drag the start and end markers. ( They should no longer be free to move automatically. )
2) split a region
3) undo the split
*) The End marker will move to the end of all recorded audio

1) select a range, and choose "set session start/end to selected range".
2) move a region that starts to the "left" of the start marker
*) the start marker will move to match the start time of the moved region

Initial report here:
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related to 0006774 closedtimbyr Opening Session and moving start or end range/location markers and closing Session does not ask to save session 



2016-02-15 11:59

developer   ~0017934

Looking at the code it looks as though this behaviour is intentional and there is no facility/option to turn it off at present unless I'm missing something.

Most(all?) changes to a playlist will trigger a re-computation of the session start/end markers and update them if necessary.


2016-03-09 19:38

developer   ~0018056

There used to be a flag, "free to move" IIRC, which told the End marker whether it had been set by the user. Once set by the user, the Start/End were no longer free to move. This code seems to have been removed. Perhaps it was changed long ago and I didn't notice.

Current operation seems wrong to me. The "moving start/end markers" have been reported by several users as a bug. Once I've manually set the start/end for my session, I want to export the same range every time(*); regardless of edits that happen within the session range.

(*) with the /possible/ exception that /newly recorded/ regions would extend the end marker.


2016-03-10 00:13

administrator   ~0018058

IIRC consensus was "they move automatically until moved at least once by the user manually" -- but that's not what current happens, either.


2016-12-06 07:10

developer   ~0019123

This is still an issue in 5.5

Although it seems to only be an issue for the Session Start Marker when moving a Region earlier than the Start Marker on the timeline. The End Marker does not move automatically.

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