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0006734ardourbugspublic2016-01-24 18:24
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PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version8
Summary0006734: Seamless loop does only loop once.
DescriptionSeamless loop plays the loop only once after recording a track output to another track. After one loop there is only silence.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a track with some audio regions.
Loop the the regions.
Record the audio output of this track to another track.
Enable seamless loop in the preferences.
The loop plays only once and after the first loop there is only silence.
Additional InformationUsing the latest nightly build for Linux 64bit 4.6.42.dbg. I have attached a minimal project.
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2016-01-16 06:19


sloop.tar.gz (2,181,120 bytes)


2016-01-16 06:25

reporter   ~0017796

Seamless loop does also not work with midi tracks.
Create a midi track/region and fill in some notes.
Loop the region and enable seamless loop.
After one loop the sound goes to silence.


2016-01-21 07:45

reporter   ~0017815

Another find: The loop goes only to silence when 'Play loop is a transport mode' is activated in the preferences.


2016-01-24 18:24

reporter   ~0017829

I can confirm that. Yours problem is about "Play Loop is a transport mode" exactly, output goes completely silent after the first loop.
Another issue with seamless looping and midi is without that option (Only seamless looping enabled), when Ardour are dropping a few first midi notes (or seconds of midi track) after first loop, again and again.
That's really annoying.

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