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0006690bugs2015-12-01 00:21
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Summary0006690: Ardour terminates while recording
DescriptionI'm using Ardour with a Yamaha 01v96i mixer, with multitrack (0000001:0000006 tracks) recording. I'm experiencing what appear to be random crashes, typically after half an hour or so of recording (I record our jam sessions). There seems to be an uncaught Jack exception somewhere (see the attached log).
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duplicate of 0006478 closedx42 Crash after some time of recording 



2015-11-27 10:48


ardour-crash.log (25,077 bytes)


2015-11-27 11:45

reporter   ~0017663

Also, in case it helps, I experienced the same issue with Ardour 4.2, although it appeared to happen less often. I did not produce debug builds of 4.2 though so I don't have an output to attach.

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