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Summary0006667: Mackie protocol punch-list
Sorry to post this in a single bug report but this is convenient for now.

1) In the MCU device pulldown menus ("Surface sends/receives via") : we need to show the "pretty-name" there. I'm seeing names like "midi_capture_309482732" but it should be "taktile-49 DAW IN"

2) some effort should be made to keep the connection persistent. If the device is disconnected, then reconnected, the MCU operation should be re-established. If the MCU is disabled, then re-enabled, the connection should be re-established. (?)

3) It appears that an initial "bank" message is needed before the tracks get mapped. I may be wrong about that.

4) In one specific device (Korg taktile), any fader move will send a "track select" button click, therefore calling it to the editor-mixer strip. If you move 2+ faders simultaneously, the selection changes very quickly between the 2 tracks. In Mixbus, this is a heavyweight operation and causes a significant delay. I think we should ignore this, unless it is found to be a very common problem among many devices.

5) There needs to be an indicator, maybe in the group bar, that shows where the Mackie is "banked" to. Some controllers don't provide any displays to show where it is banked. In this case, you can't tell where you are banked until you move a fader. ProTools, for example, highlights the channels that are being controlled, and also allows you to click on the screen to move the controller to that fader.

6) Mackie HUI support is needed for older&simpler devices, such as Presonus Faderport, that are intended to work with ProTools ( PT doesn't support Mackie control )

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2015-11-08 03:37

reporter   ~0017592

I'll comment only on things I can test/know something about. I can't comment on (1) as I have jackd 2 with no pretty names. I know Paul tried shortening names... at which point both of my surfaces had the same name :/ Room for improvement for sure.
(2) I can disconnect and reconnect a surface and all the displays refresh. It does not look for and reconnect though.
(3) that is correct and also what happens. What should be different or where should there be a bank select that is now missing?
(4) such a device would be better served with generic midi as it is not mcp compatible really. It would be possible to add an ignore select option though... but that would mean no select would be usable for that device. Would that be ok?
(5) one of the first things I asked for :) The first thing to point out however, is that my mixerwindow has 11.5 mixerstrips displayed in narrow mode. Two surfaces is common and three is not odd, even with bcr2000s. My first thing is generally to point at: for now, but I am thinking maybe a box around the selected tracks in the meter bridge is another possibility. However, right now, the GUI has no idea what the surface is showing. This would need a central place for display info outside of the mcp code.
(6) HUI I know of, but not much else. The spec in not available to me. Paul has added some things for HUI, but it is not finished for sure.

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