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0006582ardourbugspublic2017-05-14 10:12
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Product Version5.3 
Summary0006582: Playback continues past loop end when looping region or range selections if loop range is set with transport stopped
DescriptionTo reproduce with 4.2 or master@8a4bf386:

While the transport is stopped,

Right click on a region on choose Region Name -> Loop
Right click on a region and choose Play -> Loop Region
Right click on a range selection -> Loop Range -> Start transport

The transport will continue past the loop end point. If the transport is rolling while performing these actions the playback loops back to the loop start point.
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related to 0006581 new Looping works incorrectly in with loop as mode enabled if loop enabled/disabled twice 
related to 0006987 new Loop state can sometimes become unsyncronized for audio/gui 



2015-09-15 02:40

developer   ~0017197

I forgot to mention this affects both normal loop behaviour and when setting loop as mode in the preferences

2015-09-15 02:42



2015-09-15 02:57

developer   ~0017198

The audio being played back is from the loop and it is just the visual playhead state that is incorrect?

Seems like basically the opposite of bug 0006581


2016-09-09 11:06



2016-09-09 11:07

developer   ~0018578

This issue is still present in official Ardour version 5.3 so I've uploaded a short video to help demonstrate it.

Unfortunately the video has no sound, but hopefully with my description it can be understood and easily reproduced. The meters also help to indicate the incorrect behaviour.

In the first 18 seconds of the video I'm looping a region via the popup context menu and the looping behaviour and playback is correct.

I then shorten the region and loop again via the popup context menu. This time with a shorter loop time, when the playhead loops back to the loop start point the playback continues past the loop end so the visual indicator of the playhead position is incorrect until at about 33 seconds(in the video) the loop playback starts to play correctly and continues to do so.

At 40 seconds, I then engage "Play loop is a transport mode" in the preferences dialog and loop the region using the popup context menu again. This time the visual playback position is always incorrect and the playback continues as if loop was not engaged(past the loop end).

At 60 seconds I then lengthen the region and loop the region using the popup context menu again. This time the visual playback position(playhead) continues past the loop end but the audio playback(and meters) appears to be correct.

I've reproduced this behaviour reliably while trying to get the video to fit within the 5Mb attachment limit. I hope this aids in reproducing these issues, or myself if I revisit this issue at a later date.


2017-05-14 09:17

reporter   ~0019692

I just tried to reproduce this with current git and couldn't. Was this fixed meanwhile?


2017-05-14 10:12

developer   ~0019693

With version a nightly build of 5.8.708 I can still get the visual playback position(playhead) location to be incorrect while audio playback is still looping(correctly) like in the end of the 5.3 video.

And after a bit more playing around I can also still reproduce the opposite behaviour like in bug 0005930 where the visual playhead position is looping correctly but the audio playback is not looped.

So no, I don't think there has been any change that has fixed this issue.

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