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0006581ardourbugspublic2016-09-10 22:03
Reportertimbyr Assigned To 
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Product Version5.3 
Summary0006581: Looping works incorrectly in with loop as mode enabled if loop enabled/disabled twice
DescriptionTo reproduce as in 4.2 and master@8a4bf386

set loop range from region via right click -> Region Name -> Loop or via Play -> Loop Region

If you now disable loop mode -> re-enable loop mode -> disable loop mode -> re-enable loop mode -> play

When rolling/playing the visual state of the transport indicates that it is looping but the audio being played back is as if looping was not enabled and is from later in the timeline.
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related to 0006987 new Loop state can sometimes become unsyncronized for audio/gui 
related to 0006582 new Playback continues past loop end when looping region or range selections if loop range is set with transport stopped 


2015-09-15 02:20



2015-11-02 22:12

developer   ~0017571

This is still an issue in master@d5c4d068 or nightly build 0000001:0000004.4.150


2016-09-09 11:16

developer   ~0018579

This is still reproducible in official 5.3 version


2016-09-10 00:41

reporter   ~0018590

I think this might be related to the bug I filed as well - 0006987

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