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0006529ardourfeaturespublic2015-08-21 16:14
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Summary0006529: Generic plugin meters lack contrast - add more contrast
DescriptionReading generic plugin meters can be difficult at times due to the lack of contrast between the dark blue at the bottom of the meter against the dark meter background.

Seeing as meters can work bottom to top (eg. gain) or top to bottom (eg. gain reduction), depending on the meter type, would it make more sense to have one higher contrast colour for all meters? This way it would be equally visible whether the reading is focused at the top or bottom of the meter.
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2015-08-21 13:54


meter_contrast.png (8,422 bytes)   
meter_contrast.png (8,422 bytes)   

2015-08-21 13:55


one_colour.png (6,118 bytes)   
one_colour.png (6,118 bytes)   


2015-08-21 15:23

reporter   ~0017087

Or would it help to make the meter background (I mean the thin rectangular display area for each meter, not the entire window background) white, or some light color?


2015-08-21 16:14

reporter   ~0017089

I think adding more colours to the equation would make the issue worse. Personally I think two contrasting colours would work best. It would also be more in line with the new(ish) meters.

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