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0006526ardourfeaturespublic2015-08-20 17:00
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Summary0006526: Can't assign a MIDI CC control to more than a one parameter in the session.
DescriptionI think this is probably a feature, rather than a bug.

I'd like to be able to assign the same MIDI CC control to multiple software parameters for synths, effects, send values etc.

My idea is to use one midi keyboard with multiple CC controllers (faders, buttons, knobs) to drive up to 16 instruments using different MIDI channels.

I want one knob to perform reverb wet/dry control for instrument 1, but overdrive wet/dry for instrument 2. Or to drive internal reverbs of multiple synths at once, or driving multiple reverb sends in the effect stack with one fader.

I'm gonna be playing only 1 insteumtn at a time, but I want to change my "control section" behaviour along with the MIDI channel that I use to differentiate between instruments.
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2015-08-20 16:33

reporter   ~0017075

I forgot to describe the Ardour current behaviour:

When I assign a parameter to a CC that is already used by another parameter, the first link is silently removed, thus I can never have more than one parameter assigned to any CC.

In LMMS this limitation doesn't exist, and you can view all CCs assigned to different controls, and remove any of them manually. Also you can assign a parameter to another one (link one fader to another) in the session.


2015-08-20 17:00

manager   ~0017076

this seems to be a recent change - i used to assign multiple controllables to the same controller, and found only a week ago that it no longer works.
at the same time, midi controller support seems to be a lot more robust than before... :)

i could use that functionality, too, but i'm not willing to trade it in for the crashiness of older days... :)

on a related note, the midi controllables assignment to ganged faders is not usable. when you create a fader group, you can only assign a controller to one fader, but the others in the group will not follow along. should probably be a separate ticket... i'll double check when i get around to it and file one.

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