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0006497bugs2020-04-19 20:17
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Summary0006497: Two playlists of the same name causing user confusion and random changes in the session
DescriptionI'm working on a big session (meterbridge screenshot included).

It happened that I had two tracks and each hada separate playlist, but both used the same name.

I guess that just like tracks, playlists should have unique name, because otherwise, how do you differentiate between them?

I think Ardour got confused by that ambiguity itself, and after some session reload I noticed that both tracks use the same playlist (moving a region in one moves the same region in the other for example).

I fixed the issue by renaming one of the playlists, and they are no more confused on session loading.
Additional InformationI created the tracks by dragging down two regions at once. Then I renamed both tracks using the same string. Ardour automatically adds a suffix if the track name already exists and I relied on that, however looks like once it didn't apply this logic to naming the playlists assigned to the renamed tracks.

I used this process a to, creating tens of tracks this way, and it only happened once. But still it was very confusing and unpleasant to deal with.
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related to 0005681 closedx42 POTENTIAL DATA LOSS due to duplicate playlist reference after renaming tracks 


2015-08-04 15:23


session.png (50,953 bytes)
session.png (50,953 bytes)


2016-11-28 11:21

administrator   ~0019082

Since Ardour 5.4-470-ge9eea8d one cannot create new playlists with the same name. Playlist names are unique


2020-04-19 20:17

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