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0006480ardourotherpublic2015-07-31 00:46
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Product Version4.1 
Summary0006480: startup ardour atention
DescriptionWhen starting Ardour, it takes some time, so I am doing other stuff.

And when Ardour finishes loading, it catches attention and makes its windows on top of other windows, which is distracting for other just started work.

It would be nice, when it would blink window button on a panel, or display popup message though system info monitor that loading is finished.
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2015-07-30 22:17

administrator   ~0016980

It takes longer than 0000009:0000005 sec to load? Which OS is that, what machine are you using?

There is currently one condition that can delay startup: the peak-files are out of date or missing (in which case Ardour scans all audio and collects peaks for waveform display, some future version will do that in the background).
This can take a long time (depending on how much audio is in the session) but should only happen once, and not under normal operation (ie you copied the session from another machine, timestamps of peak files are outdated or similar)..

Anyway, window popping to the top is not under Ardour's control. It's your window-manager's doing.


2015-07-31 00:46

reporter   ~0016981

Hi, I am using Manjaro Linux on Lenovo X200 (Intel P8400) with 180GB Intel 330 SSD. Session takes to load about 9 seconds. Contains about 110 minutes of audio in 4 tracks. I have a hectic workflow, and I often switch thru windows to check status of email etc.

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