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0006425ardourbugspublic2015-07-23 03:18
Reporterdayvyg Assigned To 
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Product Version4.1 
Summary0006425: Resized midi track to use midi editor and Ardour froze.
DescriptionResized midi track to us the midi editor. Ardour froze. Had ti kill it with task manager. I tried to re-open the same project several times but it froze on loading.

Win7 SP1 x64
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2015-07-08 02:01


ardour-debug.log (10,086 bytes)

2015-07-08 19:37


ardour-debug2.log (35,220 bytes)


2015-07-08 19:38

reporter   ~0016858

Added a new log file with the backtrace info - ardour-debug2.log.

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