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0006389ardourbugspublic2016-09-14 02:17
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Product Version4.0 
Summary0006389: MIDI Loop triggers the first note of the bar AFTER the loop end
DescriptionIn Ardour 4.0 (Linux Ubuntu Studio) I created a Midi track with the instrument Linuxsampler (Drums).
Grid is activated to full beats. I set the loop marker to the beginning and end of the first bar of the drums (snaps to grid). When starting the loop with "L", it plays the first bar and then jumps back to the beginning. But jumping back, it triggers also the first note of the first beat of the SECOND bar. This should not be like this. (Is not the case in Qtractor.)
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related to 0005438 new Missing first note when midi region looped 



2015-08-21 16:17

reporter   ~0017090

Last edited: 2015-08-21 16:17

This bug is still there in Ardour 4.2 and not only with Linuxsampler but with all MIDI instruments.


2015-09-30 11:00

developer   ~0017402

I can confirm this issue still exists in master@48b904fc or Nightly build 4.2.455

I also get this in the terminal:

drop flushed event on the floor, time 53 too early for 72 + 0 80 42 40
drop flushed event on the floor, time 0 too early for 136 + 0 90 41 40

It does not occur when seamless looping is enabled


2016-09-14 00:27

administrator   ~0018634

MIDI looping should now be either completely fixed in git (nightly builds) or just massively improved.

Feedback welcomed.


2016-09-14 02:17

developer   ~0018636

I can't reproduce this issue anymore with version 5.3.97

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