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0006322ardourbugspublic2024-05-01 05:48
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Product Version4.0 
Summary0006322: MIDI note at beginning of regions does not play
DescriptionMIDI notes do not play at beginning of regions if the playback head starts prior to region start. If the playback head starts at the point at which the region starts, MIDI plays normally.

This is an intolerable way to work. I am thinking of cancelling my subscription until it's fixed. I don't really feel like paying for a major feature that puts a huge dent in my workflow. I don't see how this should be a difficult fix.
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2015-05-13 19:49

reporter   ~0016685

Affects MIDI CC, too.


2024-02-19 17:53

reporter   ~0028525

I'm unable to reproduce. I created an ardour project with a midi track with a midi not at the beginning of the region and the playhead starting prior to region start. When playing, I head the first note. This is a very old bug report, so the likelihood that it is already fixed seems high to me. Let me know if I should be doing anything else to reproduce.


2024-05-01 05:48

reporter   ~0028703

I saw this issue a few months ago again, but today with v8.4.0 it worked as expected, so it might be solved atm.

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