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Summary0006321: Copy/paste or drag/drop or tracks between audio applications
DescriptionMany audio programs already allow adding tracks by mouse drop and/or paste with external audio files (on Linux e.g. Ardour, Audacity, Melodyne in wine).

The work flow between such programs could be improved considerably if they would also allow track-based copying to the system clip board (or starting a drag), such that a track can be transferred to another program easily.

This would replace the following longer sequence

1. Export a track (e.g. to .wav) in program A to a file.
2. Import this file into program B by importing or drag/drop.

by a single copy/paste or drag/drop operation.

This is to suggest such a feature for Ardour. A similar request has been put forward to the Audacity team. Between these two I would find this of particular use because of the complementary approach of real-time and off-line effects.

For Ardour copying would probably trigger a pre-programmed 'export' of a given track. I understand that dragging might be not a good solution, here, because of the time delay in creating the audio data. A copy operation, though, could display a 'progress window', just as normal export does.
Regards, Oliver.
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2020-03-30 18:25

reporter   ~0021111

Probably already since some time Ardour does allow dropping of an audio file to a track or to the region list (found out with Ardour 5.12). Additional 'pasting' of audio copied from somewhere else is maybe not so important.

I understand that the opposite direction, from Ardour, should be done with the various 'Export' functions, given the complexity of stating what exactly to copy.

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