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0006318ardourbugspublic2024-06-30 07:00
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Product Version4.0 
Summary0006318: Host generated plug-in UI fails to display parameter ranges / names correctly
DescriptionVST (and LV2 plug-ins) - but specifically VST plug-ins without their own GUI don't display meaningful or correct parameter ranges / names / units. Example:
MDA test-tone plug-in compiled as linux VST, in energyXT, parameters correctly display in the host generated UI e.g. level shown as dBFS, waveform selector shows "sine / noise / square / etc", whereas in Ardour, level is shown as 0.n similarly waveform is "0.n" This makes calibration / testing using mda test-tone as a source essentially impossible / useless. LV2 port of mda plug-ins appears similarly broken.
Additional InformationArdour lacks a good test-tone / lineup / calibration oscillator. Tried various of the other free alternatives to no avail, none could be considered fit for purpose.
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2024-06-30 07:00

reporter   ~0028811

I confirm units are not displayed in auto-generated GUIs of VST3 plugins and also custom mappings are broken (try implementing a log mapping and confront to other hosts).
LV2s seem to work fine though.
Using Linux/X11/Ardour v. 8.1.0.

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