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0000063ardourbugspublic2008-11-20 23:35
Reporteressej Assigned Topaul  
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Summary0000063: region sync points need to be tied to audio-file position
DescriptionThe region sync points now move when the region is front-trimmed. They shouldn't, they should be tied to a specific moment in the audio itself, therefore anchored to position-in-file.
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2003-10-21 23:21

administrator   ~0000048

i think this is easy to do. we already wrap the sync_offset in an accessor.
store it as an offset from the start of the source. then return
_start - sync_offset if _start > sync_offset, otherwise zero. it will automatically update itself as the region is trimmed.


2004-05-17 02:54

administrator   ~0000771

Was this ever done?


2004-05-26 12:04

administrator   ~0000833

fixed in pauls code may 25th 2004

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