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0006284ardourbugspublic2017-08-27 17:47
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Product Version4.0 
Summary0006284: Cleaning recordings does not work reliably
DescriptionVersion: Ardour 4.0.71 "No Pussyfooting" (built from revision 4.0-71-g9b10890). This is the demo version from the site.

Platform: win32


1) After deleting tracks (with recordings exclusively contained in the track), selecting clean and then confirming the deletion of playlists Ardour most of the time concludes that there are no files to clean (which is not true).

2) Subsequent cleanings either succeeds or (most often) gives an error, e.g.:
[ERROR]: cannot rename unused file source from C:\8\interchange\8\audiofiles\Audio 4-1.wav to C:\8\dead\Audio 4-1.wav (Permission denied)

3) The above error seems to prevent other tracks from beeing cleaned (not only the track in question).

4) Restarting Ardour helps.

5) Additional (maybe unrelated errors) that coincide with the above scenarios are e.g.:
[ERROR]: could not reconstitute StatefulDiffCommand from XMLNode. object type = ARDOUR::AudioPlaylist id = 367
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2015-04-27 18:51

administrator   ~0016650

This is windows specific (windows cannot move, delete or rename files that are still open or in use).


2017-08-27 17:47

reporter   ~0019990

I observe point 5) with Ardour 5.11 on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS. After cleaning a session, I obtain upon loading two error messages (different id):
[ERROR]: could not reconstitute StatefulDiffCommand from XMLNode. object type = ARDOUR::AudioRegion id = 7734

Also there are a couple of warnings:
[WARNING]: undo transaction references an unknown object

After 'Save as...' the new session has no errors or warnings. I also see no detrimental effect on the affected session.

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