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0000623ardourbugspublic2006-11-19 17:28
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Summary0000623: Send -> bus connection problem
DescriptionI had a stereo bus, and a mono track (stereo out) with a send to the bus.

I removed the bus. The send still had connections to the non-existant bus, and I couldn't remove them:

 [ERROR]: IO: cannot disconnect output port ardour:send 6/out 1 from ardour:Rumpuverb/in 1

Ardour/GTK 0.524.0 running with libardour 0.823.0
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2006-11-19 17:25

updater   ~0002806

Still here in ardour2.0 svn rev 1137. Can't remove the connections when clicking on then (same error printed). Clicking on 'disconnect all' does clear them properly.

They should be cleared when removing the bus.


2006-11-19 17:27

updater   ~0002807

Isn't this supposed to be more than a feature ?

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