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0006206ardourbugspublic2020-04-19 20:17
Reporterx42 Assigned Todrobilla  
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Summary0006206: Midi mute should send note off
DescriptionIf one mutes a midi-track (implicit by solo others) the state-tracker should send a note-off for the currently active notes to mute them.

Otherwise soloing an audio-track can lead to stuck midi notes.

To reproduce: play a midi-track to an external synth (or to a synth on a different track)
Additional Informationardour git 3.5-4788
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has duplicate 0004295 acknowledged MIDI note off when muted 
has duplicate 0004571 closedcth103 MIDI notes won't silence when muting and soloing tracks on playback 



2015-03-17 18:29

administrator   ~0016444

PS. a 'panic' (all notes off) message won't do in case multiple tracks feed one synth.


2015-03-21 03:13

administrator   ~0016456

PPS. don't forget the sustain pedal.


2015-03-24 17:49

developer   ~0016478

Fixed in 3.5-4852-g089c334


2020-04-19 20:17

developer   ~0023419

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