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0000611ardourfeaturespublic2004-07-16 08:10
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Summary0000611: The ability to dock mixer and editor windows so both stay visible at the same time
DescriptionI use a 17" TFT monitor with my SuSE-based Linux Audio Workstation. Quite often I want to watch a group of tracks in the mixer window while still being able to follow the progress in the editor window.
I would love to be able to "dock" the mixer window and be able to resize the dock to suit my needs. Hopefully Ardour would remember my last settings in the session-file so I wouldn't have to resize it every time Ardour starts.

Yes, I could resize the 2 windows to make it happen but that means I have to do it every time I start Ardour. And Ardour would have 2 windows active instead one master window with the focus.

I would also like to be able to resize the editor-window to a much smaller width. It seems the editor-window has a minimum width that cannot be made any smaller. I don't mind a horisontal scrollbar to scroll the editor-window in order to see the toolbars at the top. Anyway, it would be nice to be able to resize it.

It may seem like small features to request but userfriendly options like this is what makes software great. I use Ardour for all my demos and I expect to produce a full-length album using the software. Every little thing that make my sessions at the computer more comfortable will make the process much more pleasing.
Additional InformationSee how I setup my windows at the moment.

(I love Ardour - keep doing the great work you do)
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2004-07-15 23:49

administrator   ~0001228

just a note: ardour already stores and attempts to restore its window geometry. some window managers make it impossible for the restore part to work correctly.


2004-07-16 08:10

reporter   ~0001231

You're right and it works with my KDE desktop. But the mixer-window will still hide a part of the editor window if I want to see 3-4-5 channelstrips in the mixer window - I can not resize the editor-window to make it small enough to fit unless I move some of the toolbars at the top so they float in the editor window. And I don't really want to do that ...
I still believe that the docking feature is an elegant feature that would make it possible to do most monitoring in one master window.

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