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0006103ardourbugspublic2015-01-03 18:34
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Summary0006103: Current CC values should be sent when starting to play
DescriptionWhen starting to play at a location L, the current interpolated CC value of a graph should be sent.
The current behavior is that the value is sent the next time it changes.
e.g. I have a Linear Volume CC.
- a value 100 ten seconds before L
- another Volume 100 ten seconds after L
- a value 0 after that at the end of the region (which creates a fade out from 100 to 0)
Once I played until the end of the region, if I relocate to L (or if I simply stop because I have Auto-Rewind enabled) the next time I play, I will not hear anything until the next 100 value (beginning of the fade out).
That current value should only be sent if there is a line in the graph at playhead location.
Additional Information3.5-3876 (but not yet fixed at date of this ticket)
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2015-01-03 18:34

reporter   ~0016198

Please note that it is very important that the value is NOT sent if there is no line in the graph because it would make a mess when having overlapping MIDI tracks/regions on the same MIDI channel.
It is very useful to have no line sometimes at the beginning of a region, so the other (not yet over) region keeps playing its CC without being disturbed.

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